This award is presented each semester to the best integrative leadership case study presented at the Integrative Leadership seminar.  The winning group of graduate students receives a $100 per student prize as well as the opportunity to present their work to a broader audience at a Bagels Beyond Boundaries discussion event.

Congratulations to the Fall 2016 winners: Young Choo (Law), Sarah Cox (Public Health), Laurie Harper (Public Affairs), Ditte Hodge (Education), Marah Cuadrado Labey (Management), Vanan Murugesan (Management), and Tenzin Pelkyi (Law). This group analyzed the joint venture between  Grameen and Danone Foods to reduce poverty and malnutrition in Bangladesh through production and sale of especially nutritious yogurt.  They presented their analysis at the January 27, 2017 Bagels Beyond Boundaries discussion.