Taught by a rotating interdisciplinary team of faculty and offered through all five Center-affiliated Schools, Leading Across Sectors to Address Grand Challenges fosters critical thinking about the potential inputs, tools, forms and impact of different types of cross-sector, hybrid or other boundary-crossing initiatives.  We approach integrative leadership as a field of leadership practice that involves collaboration on complex and significant issues that cannot be effectively addressed by a single person, entity or sector.   

Learning occurs through reading foundational materials, personal leadership exercises or coaching, engaging extensively with examples from guest speakers and case materials, and developing a final group project related to integrative leadership on a specific, current issue.  In the seminar, you will: (a) learn to recognize and address integrative leadership challenges and opportunities, and (b) build your own capacity to contribute to integrative leadership through group work in interdisciplinary teams and through being exposed to a range of boundary work practices.

Learn more about Leading Across Sectors to Address Grand Challenges and how it fits in with the graduate minor in integrative leadership here.

Fall 2020 instructor team:

  • Kathy Quick (Academic Co-Director; Humphrey School)
  • David Weerts (Organizational Leadership, Policy and Development, CEHD)

Register under LAW 6623, PA 5105, MGMT 6402, OLPD 6402, or PUBH 6702.