The following courses address and support integrative leadership practices. Please visit MyU to view the course schedule and enrollment requirements.

Preparing Integrative Leaders

MBA 6108: Leading Self (1 credit)
MBA 6112: Leading Organizations (.5 credits)
MBA 6110: Leading Others (2 credits)
PUBH 6727: Health Leadership and Effecting Change (2 credits)
PUBH 6066—Building Communities, Increasing Health: Preparing for Community Health Work (2 credits)
HRIR 6465: Leadership and Personal Development (2 credits)
PA 5103: Leadership and change in an innovation society (3 credits)
PA 5920: Skills Workshop: Stakeholder Analysis Tools (1 credit)
OLPD 5011: Leading Organizational Change: Theory and Practice (3 credits)
OLPD 5332: Personal Leadership and the Private College (3 credits)

Reaching Across Difference

LAW 6245: Interviewing, Counseling, and Negotiating (3 credits)
LAW 6626/MGMT 6035: Complex and Cross-Cultural Negotiations (2 credits)
MGMT 6004: Negotiation Strategies (2 credits)
MGMT 6310: Cross-Cultural Management: Developing Intercultural Competence (2 credits)
PUBH 6578: Negotiation Strategies (2 credits)
PUBH 6568: Interprofessional Teamwork in Healthcare (2 credits)
PUBH 6920: Foundations of Interprofessional Professional Communication and Collaboration (1 credit)
OLPD 5009: Human Relations: Applied Skills for School and Society (1 credit)
OLPD 5611: Facilitation and Meeting Skills (1 credit)
OLPD 5048: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Leadership (3 credits)
HRIR 5443: Principles of Effective Coaching (2 credits)
PA 5135: Managing Conflict: Negotiation (3 credits)
PA 5081: Working in Teams: Crossing Disciplines and Learning from Difference (.5 credits)
PA 5190: Topics in Public and Nonprofit Leadership and Management (2 credits)

Cross-Sector Collaboration, Public-Private Partnerships

LAW 7750 - 001 or 7751 CL: Community Legal Partnership for Health (2 credits)
PA 5161: Human Centered Service Redesign (3 credits)
PA 5190: Topics in Public and Nonprofit Leadership and Management (2 credits)
OLPD 6402/MGMT 6402/PA 5105/PubH 6702/LAW 6623: Integrative Leadership Seminar (3 credits)

Hybrid Governance, Organizations, Funding Mechanisms

LAW 6929: Social Enterprises (2 credits)

Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Sustainability, Social Entrepreneurship

PA 5144: Social Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
MGMT 6410: Corporate Responsibility (2 credits)
MGMT 4000: Social Venturing in Action (4 credits)

Civic Engagement

PA 3481: The Cedar Riverside Neighborhood: Where the World Meets Minnesota (3 credits)
PA 5145: Civic Participation in Public Affairs (3 credits)
PA 5253: Designing Planning and Participation Processes (3 credits)
ARCH 5756: Public Interest Design: Principles and Practices (3 credits)
DSSC 8112: Scholarship and Public Responsibility (1 credit)
LAW 7750: CL: Community Legal Partnership for Health (2 credits)
OLPD 5736— Public Engagement and Higher Education (3 credits)
OLPD 6490—Managing Civic Engagement (3 credits)

Grand Challenges

Global grand challenges are novel, emergent, complex, and beyond the resources of any single sector to address. Skills-based course that introduces participants to integrative leadership strategies effective in addressing such challenges, with specific focus on leadership practices that foster collective action across diverse groups of people. Click here to learn more and see current offerings. Previous offerings include:

PA 5190: Leadership to Address Global Grand Challenges (1.5 credit)
GCC 5007: Grand Challenge: Toward Conquest of Disease (3 credits)
GCC 5008: Grand Challenge: Policy and Science of Global Environmental Change (3 credits)
GCC 5010: Grand Challenge: The Global Climate Challenge: Creating an Empowered Movement for Change (3 credits)
GCC 5011: Grand Challenge: Pathways to Renewable Energy (3 credits)
GCC 5013: Grand Challenge: Making Sense of Climate Change - Science, Art, and Agency (3 credits)
GCC 5014: Grand Challenge: The Future of Work and Life in the 21st Century (3 credits)
GCC 5015: Grand Challenge: Bioinspired Approaches to Sustainability -  Greening Technologies and Lives (3 credits)
GCC 5001: Grand Challenge: Can We Feed the World Without Destroying It? (3 credits)
GCC 5003: Grand Challenge: Seeking Solutions to Global Health Issues (3 credits)
GCC 5005: Grand Challenge: Global Venture Design - What Impact Will You Make? (3 credits)
GCC 5014: Grand Challenge: The Future of Work and Life in the 21st Century (3 credits)
GCC 5017: Grand Challenge: World Food Problems: Agronomics, Economics and Hunger (3 credits)