Integrative Leadership Digital Badge

Leading Across Sectors and Professions for Collective Impact

Maroon Digital Badge

Offered through the Graduate School in collaboration with the Center for Integrative Leadership, students and postdocs participated in one 2-hour interactive workshop focusing on cross-sector leadership to address complex societal issues.

The workshop will enable participants to:

  • understand the value of cross-sector leadership as a strategy for addressing large-scale societal challenges.
  • know the difference between isolated impact and collective impact.
  • be familiar with factors and design features for successful cross-sector collaboration.
  • understand attributes of successful cross sector leadership teams.
  • practice a set of interpersonal skills and mindsets necessary to succeed in cross-sector collaborations.

To earn a digital badge, participants are required to write a 500-1000 word reflection paper evaluated by workshop facilitators with a grade of “satisfactory.” 

Skills: leadership, partnership development, translating across sectors, problem redefinition and problem solving, critical thinking, working across difference