Integrative Leadership Graduate Minor

The Integrative Leadership Graduate Minor enhances the preparation of graduate students to lead and contribute to cross-sector and other cross-boundary initiatives to address complex and important societal challenges.  It develops students’ critical thinking related to individual inputs (competencies and leadership) for shared action; listening and understanding across difference; techniques and tools for participation and collaboration; the potential strengths and limitations of different forms of hybrid or collaborative action for societal impact and of specific examples.  More information about the Integrative Leadership Minor and coursework is available here.

This new minor was developed by faculty in the Center for Integrative Leadership (CIL), a University-wide initiative dedicated to examining and advancing a new vision for cross-sector leadership that will be highly effective at tackling the challenging issues of our time. The Minor is lead by a Curriculum Committee composed of faculty from all five of the Center for Integrative Leadership’s affiliated Schools: Public Affairs, Management, Law, Education and Public Health.  Housed in the College of Education and Human Development’s Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development , it is open to any University of Minnesota graduate student whose program permits students to pursue a minor. Coursework included in the minor is open to all University of Minnesota graduate students independent of whether they are pursuing the Minor.