About Us

The Center for Integrative Leadership is a University of Minnesota-wide Center representing our professional schools’ commitment to shared leadership for public good. Our University partners include the Carlson School of Management, the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, the College of Education and Human Development, the School of Public Health, and the University of Minnesota Law School. Together, we bring expertise and capacity in diverse professions that can help imagine and implement shared leadership.


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We are committed to preparing students with the skills, knowledge, and experience to accomplish shared and individual goals effectively in our complex, distributed-engagement world. Coursework related to integrative leadership is taught by a rotating team of interdisciplinary faculty and offered in all five of the Center’s affiliated Schools: Public Affairs, Business, Law, Education and Public Health. In addition, University of Minnesota masters and Ph.D. students may concentrate or minor in integrative leadership by selecting among related courses offered by Center-affiliated professional schools.

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At the Center, we believe fostering civil dialogue and debate related to complex societal challenges is an essential tool of integrative leadership. Discussion among contributors with different expertise, experience, and perspectives can fuel innovative approaches and build collaborative capacity to address such challenges. We provide multiple opportunities for such engagement though our Programs, for example, through the Minnesota Young American Leaders Program, the Cross-Sector Conversation Series, and the Law & Leadership Conversation Series.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have ideas or need support creating the space to have these challenging conversations.

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We contribute to increased understanding of the success factors for shared leadership through the research of our Center-affiliated faculty, staff and students. Our faculty and staff conduct and publish research in numerous areas related to integrative leadership, including: preparing individuals for integrative leadership; working across divides on community issues; cross-sector collaboration; hybrid governance and hybrid organizations; public-private partnerships; corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship; and civic engagement.